Why Horses?

Horses Are Healers

Horses are Prey Animals

Horses very survival depends on their strong sense of intuition and ability to perceive inauthenticity in their environment and to react decisively to perceived threat. Because of this, horses provide us with immediate reflection and feedback about how authentically we walk through the world and, in turn, how we affect those with whom we come into contact.

Horses Live in the Present Moment

Horses live their lives in the here and now and they help us to live our lives in the same way. They help us to remember to soak up every single moment and that if we are paying attention, every moment is rich with experience and information. When we are immersed into “horse time” there is never an agenda or a goal. We have the opportunity to just “be” rather than “do.”

Horses Impact our Physiology

There is literally a physiological change that happens when we interact with horses. Anxiety and stress are reduced because our level of cortisol, a hormone associated with stress, is lowered, and the production of serotonin, a chemical associated with well-being, is increased. Our heart rates and blood pressure decreases. Oxytocin, which is know as the “bonding hormone,” increases. This is because we have the opportunity to make physical contact with the horses. Many of us don’t have a great deal of physical contact in our lives. Increased oxytocin levels also means less cardiovascular stress and an improved immune system. Horses also help to regulate our nervous systems. Because they are regulated and coherent, our nervous system organically begin to sync with theirs.

Horses are Relationship Oriented

Horses are social beings that live together in herds, with defined hierarchies, roles, responsibilities and relationships. Being in relationship with a horse allows us to experience an authentic relationship without being concerned with the mental and emotional baggage of another person. They allow us to feel, be seen, heard, appreciated and validated for who we truly are and not for our roles in society, within the context of our family structure or for our achievements.

Exceptional program! Loving, compassionate and incredibly supportive staff.  They helped me see how strong I really am and that breast cancer does not define me. Thank you so much! Without question, this program has completely changed my life. I am forever grateful!

Suzanne H. 


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