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Hope Held by a Horse provides a safe, positive environment, in the company of horses, to support women with breast cancer to learn, grow, and heal.

Hope Held by a Horse gives women the opportunity to reclaim a part of themselves that has been lost or diminished through the challenges of breast cancer. Our goal is to provide a place in which they can address fears and express emotional pain. The spiritual connection with horses helps them feel supported, centered, empowered and able to continue on and thrive.

Hope Held by a Horse is a 501c3 non-profit organization based in Littleton, Colorado.

Hope Held by a Horse thrives with the help of dedicated facilitators, a wonderful Board of Directors and numerous, enthusiastic volunteers.

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Hope Held by a Horse would like to thank the Cancer League of Colorado for helping to further our mission

Cancer League of Colorado

The energy healing between Kerry, me and Skye just blew me away. I felt the tension in my back, which has been a constant source of pain for many years, release. I felt it almost instantly.

– Terri G


Phone: (720) 316-6178
Email : [email protected]

Program Locations:

12035 N Piney Lake Rd
Parker, CO 80138

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