You’re here because you have or have had cancer and you’re searching.

Cancer isn’t just a medical diagnosis, it’s a life-changing event.
It impacts everything about you.

How you look. The way you feel. The way strangers look at you.
What others feel about you. What you think of your job. Your role in the family. Your sexuality. Your view on mortality. Your feelings about an afterlife.

About Hope Held By A Horse

Hope Held By A Horse empowers you to take time for your SELF, not just at our weekend program, but each and every day.

Our program creates a solid foundation for your emotional recovery journey and empowers you to live your life fully and unapologetically. Come spend a magical day with horses, in the community of others with cancer, and our highly skilled facilitators, to learn, grow, and heal in a safe and supportive environment.

Great experience. It gives you time to slow down and reflect on your journey. It’s a wonderful way to relax and de-stress from all the craziness cancer brings into your life. Thanks everyone there for a great time.

– Sabrina L.


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Mile High Magazine Podcast

In Loving Memory of RR Skye Robyn who was the inspiration for Hope Held by a Horse

July 3, 1997 – December 23, 2018


Phone: (720) 316-6178
Email : [email protected]

Program Locations:
Jarretsville, MD
Wimberley, TX

12035 N Piney Lake Rd
Parker, CO 80138

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