Meet the Founder


Diane Chaffee

I’m a breast cancer survivor, diagnosed in 2007. As a healthcare provider, I understood the disease and the healthcare system. I even had a wonderful support team. However, through the process, I realized there are so many women who don’t. And even though I had people in my life to support me, I wanted to connect to others with breast cancer, others who were experiencing what I was experiencing. Most importantly, I wanted to connect outside of the normal hospital arena. One of my providers knew how deeply impacted I was and how much better I felt every time I went and spent time with my horse, Skye, and suggested I find an Equine Facilitated Learning program for breast cancer patients; however, I was unable to find one. “ It was because of my experience with Skye, that I saw the healing power of horses! At that moment, a seed was planted in my mind and in my heart to one day provide an equine program for women with breast cancer. That way, women, like myself, would have the opportunity to experience the magic of community and the wonder of horses and how both truly help us to learn, grow and heal.

I highly recommend this program! It’s something I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to experience if I hadn’t gone through breast cancer, so I’ve learned to embrace the gifts that the diagnoses brought with it. The horses are intuitive and each have a lesson to share. It was such a special day, leaving me wanting to come back for more.

– Merri T.


Phone: (720) 316-6178
Email : [email protected]

Program Locations:
Jarretsville, MD
Wimberley, TX

12035 N Piney Lake Rd
Parker, CO 80138

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