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Suzanne Hagmaier


I’m a two-time breast cancer survivor, diagnosed in 2008 & 2011. As I finished my chemo treatments and began my radiation, I decided I never wanted anyone to fight this disease alone. I began sitting with other women during their chemo treatments, answering their questions, hopefully removing some fear of the unknown. It became very therapeutic for me to help others navigate through their journey and find their new normal. I’ve met many brave, amazing women whom I have built lifelong friendships.

I had the opportunity to participate in the Hope Held by a Horse program with some of these women, and the experience completely changed my life and provided me a clear path. I went back to school to receive my Profit, Non-Profit Management Certificate, am currently enrolled in the EGCM certification program, completed a triathlon and now have 5 horses of my own. I’m so blessed to be a part of this incredible organization. Everything happens for a reason, and I firmly believe I am right where I’m supposed to be, doing what I love!

Sabrina Wright-Hobart

Gizelle Hargraves


Gizelle was diagnosed with breast cancer in August 2020, while safety precautions for Covid were still in place. This meant, she had to go through treatment alone. At the time, she didn’t realize the impact this had on her until she attended a Hope Held by a Horse monthly program. The program was very healing for her and changed the course of her life. After attending the program, she became a volunteer and is honored to serve on the Board. She hopes all survivors can experience the emotional support, acceptance, and love; she has experienced since her involvement with this wonderful organization.

Gizelle retired from a career in the Energy field in Houston, before moving to the beautiful state of Colorado, to which her husband’s employment sent them. This was also life-changing, as Gizelle and her family have thrived in Colorado. She loves playing pool and board games, watching movies, and sitting in the hot tub, with her husband and teenage son.

She is a passionate advocate for the mental health of cancer patients, both current and former. She is a committed supporter of increased mental health awareness, affordable treatments, and the removal of the negative stigma around mental health. She is immensely grateful to be a part of this organization, that helps others heal their hearts and minds, and excited to meet many more brave, ‘sur-thrivers’ on her journey.

Sabrina Wright-Hobart

Sabrina Wright-Hobart


Sabrina Wright-Hobart is a 3-time breast cancer thriver. She is currently the Donor Relations Coordinator for SafeHouse Denver, a mother of two, wife, daughter, sister, and Advocate. She has volunteered in many roles since her initial diagnosis in 2006. She received the 2015 Distinguished Advocate Award from the American Cancer Society’s Cancer Action Network (ACS CAN) and was honored in 2018 with a Random Acts of Kindness Award by Sisters Enterprise. She is committed to helping others by advocating for increased funding for cancer research, access to clinical trials and care, and affordable health care. In addition, she is passionate about helping other cancer patients and survivors manage their long-term issues related to their diagnosis. In 2021, she was diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer which only fueled her passion to help others and advocate for access to care for all. She lives in Aurora, CO, and enjoys spending time in nature, reading, and hanging out with her two dogs, cat, and rabbit.

Lisa Lambright

Member at Large

I am a 13 year breast cancer survivor and a 10 year uterine cancer survivor.  When I received the diagnosis I was truly puzzled as it doesn’t run in my family.  Because I am diligent about monthly breast self exams I was the one who found the lump. I had just had a mammogram 6 months earlier and it wasn’t detected but it was there.  After finding the lump it was confirmed I had breast cancer.  I had a double mastectomy, six rounds of chemo and thirty-two rounds of radiation.  A month after my last radiation treatment I lost my mother at age 68 and forty-five days later lost my step father. So you might say that was a very challenging year for me.

As women we do not take care of ourselves or even put ourselves first.  I did not realize that I had not grieved or dealt with having breast cancer.  I typically do not group events or support groups but I was pleasant surprised and grateful for Hope Held By A Horse.  This program was amazing. I was very skeptical as I am afraid of horses.  I was blessed to be selected to attend the program and I decided its time to get out of my comfort zone.  The program was amazing!  I couldn’t believe how this program kicked started my recovery and healing journey.  I thought so highly of the program that I wanted to be a part of it and now I sit on the Board as the secretary of Hope Held By A Horse.  I look forward to continuing on the success of the program and to help grow the program to allow more women and men attend the program to start their journey.  I also own two companies The Great Create and LAS Ventures.  I have been married for 25 years and have three children Matthew (23), Rachel (22) and Adam (21).  I feel so blessed to have met some of the most incredible women and to be a part of this amazing program.

What an amazing experience! The combination of the horses and the coaches is truly magical. I didn’t expect to get so much out of this weekend but I was pleasantly surprised. Everyone made you feel so welcome and comfortable. This was the first time that I have truly opened up about the struggle of having cancer. The horses are absolutely incredible and so in tune with your energy. The love they give out is so amazing. I couldn’t recommend going to this program more! Thank you to everyone running this organization!

– Kate L.


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